February 28, 2024


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Culture drivING Lifestyle, driVING Wealth.

Read by Clients who seek that unique edge. Houghton & Mackay Magazine is a British owned publication focusing on Culture, Lifestyle & Wealth covering the wide spectrum of sub-genre which make up these subjects, including food, the arts, travel, Investing, luxury Brands, fashion, plus guest interviews and various reviews on the best that society and industry has to offer.

The editorials are energized by a philosophical perspective, with a growing presence of over 25,000 followers across the globe, centered across Asia, Western Europe and North America, reaching over 5 million people a month.

Driven by a perpetual search for the new, the avant-garde within the world of Culture, Lifestyle & Wealth, with analysis, brand showcases and discussions, plus a social media platform embedded into the magazine, for writers and participants to showcase their work.




Where is this magazine based?

In the UK

Do you do promotional editorials?

Yes. Visit the main Website Contact Page to enquire

Are you accepting Writers?

Yes. Freelancers, Columnists, Students or those starting out. Learn more about writing for Houghton & Mackay or Email for more info. Info@houghtonandmackay.com

How do I become a member?

We have our very own networking and social media platform, create a profile here.

Are Interviews & Exclusives published?

Yes, see our “Exclusives” section. Want to be interviewed about your brand, skill, product or Business? Please contact the magazine*

Houghton & Mackay covers the world of Culture, Wealth and Lifestyle. Focusing on the best and avant-garde in society, publishing in all sub-genre; across the entertainment or film industry, finance, fashion, travel, the arts, luxury goods, world culture and specialist industries. For people wishing to join the team as a Freelance Writer, visit this page to learn more. To advertise or collaborate visit the Content Marketing Page.

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