June 24, 2024


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A creative enterprise, a live magazine publishing hub. Whether you’re a Business looking to advertise, a beginner writer or a columnist seeking an additional audience, or a brand seeking a collaborative post.

With a developing audience across global social media, Houghton & Mackay provides publishing service for writers, plus advertising for the world of Culture, Wealth & Lifestyle, and its own social media hub too. Learn more below or send over an enquiry

Over 25,000 Followers & monthly reach of over 5 million globally*

April 2024

Freelance Writer Opportunities

You submit articles, we edit and publish them, then pay you £25-£30 per article. When published you access an audience of over 25,000 all to yourself. Learn More.


Advertise on the Magazine front page, Margins and within articles complimenting the magazine subject(s). Learn More.

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Sponsored & Collaborative Posts

An article written by our team for your brand, including any relevant links, art or photography, then published to our network plus Google News. Learn More.

Social Media Hub

Create a profile, a showcase for your projects or your Business, and if you are publishing with us, your own personal library of articles will auto-generate.

For questions and information visit the Content Marketing Page or the Contact Page for more. The follower count is a total of followers across our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google News and Linkedin pages, plus subscribers. See the online presence statistics for more info.