May 24, 2024

Membership Levels

What’s your focus?

Welcoming new writers to Houghton & Mackay Magazine. All new members start out as an Associate Member who are then upgraded depending on the activity, quality of work and frequency of publication.

Readers stay as associate members if they simply want to take part in the forum or groups and aren’t publishing.

These writers cover a wide range of subjects and provide perspective and opinion via a third-person, journalistic style, usually within one genre, such as lifestyle, fashion, finance and so on

Participants who are based abroad and / or focus on one subject specialism, for instance fashion, or the Arts. They report from their country or area of expertise whilst liaising with contacts and network


ON A writing

expand your horizon.

Participants with exemplary profiles and a prolific publishing repertoire are upgraded and receive the title of Senior Columnist or Senior Correspondent. The criteria for achieving this is listed below:

– 40 or more articles published

– Has strong research ability

– 50 or more Stars across articles

– Consummate public persona online