May 24, 2024

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Lily is a creative writer, content writer, and digital marketer. She is published in Imprint Magazine, Vortex, Flash Fiction North, SmashingBlobfish, Breaking Barriers, and Secret Attic Magazine. She also runs her own business sewing cushions for small animals.
United Kingdom
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Stay kind. Stay creative. Stay grateful.
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It’s about introspection, temporarily detaching from the buzz of every day life. Rejuvenation of both mind and body is well worth the time spent when it comes to personal, tailored experiences, in the best places money can buy. Lily Annis explores three such examples…

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What is hot out of the Atelier this summer? With bold reds and gold accessorized with the metallic and the geometric, denim also takes its turn. Lily Annis visits the fashion world to find out more…

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