June 24, 2024

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Janine is an experienced writer, researcher, and social advocate, with specific training in research, writing for different audiences, and report creation. With over 15 years of practical experience and training in multi-agency working, community development, crisis intervention, young people, and mental health as well as educational interests in anything misconceiving. She is a passionate and respectful writer, described as thought-provoking, idiomatic & authentic, as well as professional.
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Meet the Editor, columnists, correspondents and other specialists including artists and photographers with an interest in the world of human expressio...
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Popularity of Eco friendly hotels is growing, just as it should be in an ever changing world. Janine White looks at the movement and how it is being approached…

A Caricature of a lady with two Balloons which look like houses, one has more strings of "reponsibility" than the other, for an article by Janine White, Culture Columnist at Houghton & Mackay
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Exploring the modern day concept of Marriage and co-habitation versus the “Living apart together” concept. Is society divorcing its self from Traditional Values or are we undergoing an acceptance for something new?

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Is Policing as “just” as we would like ? Or is it struggling to keep alignment with public expectations as the pace of society changes. The Scales of Justice has to find a very fine balance. Janine White explores for Houghton & Mackay…

A selection of Tarot Cards laid out across a desk neatly, for an article by Janine White for Houghton & Mackay
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Within our Eclectic and Culture series, Houghton & Mackay visits the World of Psychic Mediums, tarot readings and fortune telling, whilst exploring the notions of Scepticism, Free Will, and Personal Choices. Are we staring at fate directly or seeing into the future?

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