June 24, 2024

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Rupsha Mitra
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S. Rupsha Mitra is a poet and writer based in India with works published in Navii Media, Blue Marble Review and North Dakota Quarterly.
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Tradition & History
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My philosophy is to have faith in the self and create opportunities for one and all.
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Indian art has many layers and deep roots spanning across the centuries, often linked with history and traditions, S Rupsha explores the different styles from across the Continent…

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In her continuing series on the traditions and culture of India, S. Rupsha, visits Dhari Devi temple to uncover the deeper significance surrounding it, as we take a pilgrimage into the rich tapestry of the Kalyasaur region and its heritage.

Map of India for Article by S. Rupsha for Houghton & Mackay
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With an accelerating consumer market, growing population and vastly developing tech sector propelling it’s GDP, India currently sits as the fifth largest economy, but all eyes are on higher rankings well before the end of the decade.

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The unique poetry of India mirrors the cultural diversity, distinct metaphysical customs and traditions within. Many are becoming acutely inspired by the imagery and story being told. Poetry is the oldest form of literature, the keeper of oral and historical tradition…

A woman on a red background sits on a chair with the word "Feelings" above her for an article on Houghton & Mackay
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Work life balance is often a reference to time versus task, the impact on our mind is often left neglected. Emotional Intelligence is an often misunderstood element of our daily life. S. Rupsha Mitra Explores further…

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Our resident Columnist continues her Journey through the culture, traditions and customs of India. As western society welcomes Indian Influence into every day life, it finds its way into our homes, offers new ways of thinking and even doing Business. S. Rupsha Mitra explores…

A line up of people run into the sea on holiday, the sun beams down and it is beautiful
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Getting back to basics by absorbing in nature or exploring city culture, seeking out history or simply refreshing the mind, body and soul. The trip may be stressful for some, but the benefits are there if you know where to look. S. Rupsha explores the possibilities…

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Our South Asia Correspondent continues her series on Indian Culture and discusses the intricate and fascinating world of Yoga and Meditation. Get ready to become enlightened…

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The Indian continent has an alluring and rich array of cultural snippets which would take a lifetime to fully absorb and appreciate. Srijani Mitra explores some of these aspects through storytelling and the arts.

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