July 20, 2024

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As a practitioner in the realm of art over the years, I have wandered through the palaces of both Western and Eastern artistic traditions. These diverse art pieces serve as wellsprings for my writing, harmonizing with the profound thoughts of great thinkers from around the world throughout history. I am convinced that unlocking the mystery of art involves delving deep into the human psyche, turning the pursuit of art into a pilgrimage to one's inner self. The experience transcends mere intellectual understanding. However, my passion extends beyond art theory. In recent years, I have delved into creative writing as a form of artistic expression. In 2016, my novel "The Life and Death" (written in Chinese) was showcased at the Sichuan University gallery alongside numerous other art projects. Beyond being an art practitioner, I have actively participated in curating art projects and exhibitions, including endeavors such as "Drug Store" and "The Hippocampus of Memory." Most recently, I completed curating the online exhibition titled "From Walls to Windows," accessible at [from walls to windows]https://stories.durham.ac.uk/from-walls-to-windows/index.html.
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Writing does not merely serve to deliver information; it reflects essentially our daily lives. We use words to express ourselves, and at the same time, words shape the way we see the world. Different words refer to different meanings, while emotions are shed through different wording. As we write, we bring about the inner self, as if tracing the contour of the portrait of ourselves; as we read, we perceive ourselves in the rows of words, resembling a mirror from which our true self emerges. Writing harbours magic that is incomparable to verbal expressions. It is subtle, sensitive, and sometimes fragile. I believe a good piece of writing evokes thoughts and emotions. Writing is not just about expressing but also about exchange and transformation.
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Meet the Editor, columnists, correspondents and other specialists including artists and photographers with an interest in the world of human expressio...
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It’s an art that encapsulates emotion through freedom of expression through subjective emotion, taps into our innate spirituality. Should we stay between the lines? Rosalind, East Asia Correspondent and arts expert discusses…

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Exploring the ideology of Eastern Art, through landscapes navigating nature in it’s vastness through artistic expression; it is full and yet empty. Rosalind explores this chaos further and attempts to fill the void…

A curved line sketch drawing of a woman in sunglasses for an article by Rosalind Wang for Houghton & Mackay Magazine
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Simplicity has form, where art meets energy and emotion we access the spiritual. There is more to this basic tenet of art than meets the eye. Rosalind Wang shows us some of her drawings as she explores the world of lines in art…

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The human obsession with capturing the moment is not just something that has arrived with modern tech; the collation of not just images, but thoughts and emotions is perpetual. Rosalind explores this concept through art.

Chinese Brush Stroke art by Yini Wang for Houghton and Mackay Magazine
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The ancient art of Chinese Brush painting is about capturing the essence and spirit of a subject, elements drawn not just from nature, but human nature too.

Rosalind Wang, East Asian Correspondent for Houghton & Mackay explores this through her own experience…

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