May 24, 2024

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Hannah Burns is a freelance writer who works doing a bit of everything, from copy to creative writing. She's particularly interested in what makes humans tick, the behaviour, beliefs and lives of others. In her spare time she works on her blog, goes to funk music events and learns Spanish.
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Taking time and being consistent is key. I also like the Taoist principle of effortless action - go with the flow!
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With the 1% owning over half of all the wealth, the rising trend is set to continue. With a social media narrative helping to leverage perception many are wondering whether key segments of society can keep pace. There are pros and cons and it depends on which you’re looking out.

A beautiful view of Porto in summer with boats and a beach
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With Excellence and culture in abundance, Porto is attracting the full spectrum of visitors seeking Portugal at its absolute best. Hannah Burns explores what it has to offer…

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Against a backdrop of fiscal responsibility taking second place to greed and impropriety, recent cases have highlighted how mis-managed technology can severely impact lives. There are lessons still to be learned. The question is, will they?

Photo of a man opening his shirt to reveal the Universe for an article about Manifesting by Hannah Burns for Houghton & Mackay
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Many a modern mind is waking up to the idea of Manifestation. The goals are wide and varied as popularity for this new-age concept starts to accelerate. Are we at one with the universe or merely heading in the wrong direction?

A group of models sits on a bench for a photo shoot by Doodoosonic, on an article by Hannah Burns for Houghton & Mackay, December 2023
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Fashion is a naturally changing, challenging the status quo and breaking the “rules” to set new standards. Society changes fashion, changes “fashion” society. Androgyny started with scents, and now threads it’s way through the industry…

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