February 28, 2024

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I am 36, married, with four legged children who are the reason I get out of bed. I grew up on a farm, am a keen horse rider and have volunteered and ridden with RDA. I also hold a qualification in the Horse Boy Method, working with children on the spectrum and horses. I have cared for various family members, so have moved around the country a lot. Due to caring and health issues, I divide my life between Wales and London. I have always loved to write- an escape from my times in and out of hospitals. I studied joint honours English Literature and History at Aberystwyth University. History and family history fascinate me. I have had short stories, poems and articles published in ‘The Writers Forum’, have entered several NYC Midnight competitions and have taken part in Mary Adkins’ ‘10,000 Words in 10 Days’ Challenge and NaNoWriMo. Atmosphere Press has accepted an author interview on ‘Now You See Us, Now You Don’t’, the work in the work in progress to come out of it. I have had several short plays performed by amateur dramatics groups. I am a keen actor myself and a LAMDA Speech and Language Teacher. I listen to eclectic music to relax, but my love is classical. I am currently studying Nicole Breit’s creative non fiction course, Spark Your Story Lab. I am a member of Llansteffan Writers’ Group. I would love to have some of my novels published, and look forward to new writing challenges in the new year.
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I refuse to let health issues or depression define me. I try to remember the words of people I admire to find my way through life. I try to treat others how I would wish to be treated, but don’t always suffer fools gladly!
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With the New Year well underway, we all know too well how goals can drift off-course. Is everybody approaching it the same way? With an abundance of help from world Culture Annie Hayes-Allen explores some ideas and focuses on the new year.

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