February 28, 2024

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Karl Houghton, Editor and founder of Houghton & Mackay. My role is varied and challenging as I lead the organization, managing the financial interests and developing the magazine to reach an ever wider audience across the globe. It gives me great pleasure to support the writers who participate in the magazine, whilst opportunities are created for them to develop and network. Each article is something new and different and selecting a favorite one is a difficult task indeed. So, what are my goals in 2024? I want to work with brands, producing articles that support their products, whilst continuing to network with others in the fields of culture, lifestyle and wealth.
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I believe in continuous improvement and focus, always. As founder and Creator of the Houghton & Mackay organization have, and still am, learning how to lead, structure strategies and continually develop all aspects of this project. Reflection and focus are crucial and key.
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With the Advent of a new year financial markets are set to change course. As we know, even the smallest adjustment can alter the outcomes globally. With the spotlight starting to turn on India and Japan, which strategy will remain in fashion?

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There are few artists who achieve so much in such a short time. With over 40 international awards and accolades across the world of visual arts, Daciana is one artist providing not only inspiration but a growing spirituality…

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Couture for the taste buds. Be sure to spice up your party with essential ingredients, niche or otherwise, the menu is never complete without the right mix. From a handshake to a punch, the party is just getting started…

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A-La-Carte Asian Style or Chef-Lead, the intricate world of Balance & artistry in Sushi. Many know about it, but not so many know the true scale of its palate. Karl Houghton, Editor-in-Chief, dives deep to find out more…

A glass of red wine swishes across the page for an article on Red Wine for Houghton & Mackay
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There is one area of Tuscany starting to gain its place among the big names in wine making…this one is definitely a keeper.

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If you visit Dubai, you are in for a dazzling theatre of modernity and wealth. From humble fishing village, to a literal golden metropolis, be sure to bring your wallet.

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With the advent of new technology, we are supposed to progress to new ideas, leave the old in the past, but like a turntable, we appear to be going in circles…

A lady sits in a pose whilst an artist sketches her outline for an article on Art by Houghton & Mackay
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The establishment have been fascinated with portraiture since the 1500s when it first became popular for the elites. This is a canvas with far more layers than meets the eye.
Houghton & Mackay takes a look…

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Constantly undergoing refinement, to find the best in class, London has a host of hidden Gems, if you have the time to find them…

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Seeking out the new and interesting has become a “vacational” past time for those with a deepening desire for that alternative keepsake…